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  • Waltzing With Daises

    Waltzing With Daises

    From $45

  • Kisses


    From $45

  • A Little Caribbean

    A Little Caribbean

    From $45

  • Birthday Brilliance

    Birthday Brilliance

    From $50

  • Dare To Wish

    Dare To Wish

    From $50

  • Cuddles


    From $50

  • Lilac Surprise

    Lilac Surprise

    From $50

  • Festive Fun

    Festive Fun

    From $55

  • Lush Purples

    Lush Purples

    From $60

  • Fifth Avenue

    Fifth Avenue

    From $69

  • Designers Delight

    Designers Delight

    From $70

  • It's A Kind Of Magic

    It's A Kind Of Magic

    From $70



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The Secret to Successful Flower Delivery in Thousand Oaks

Who has a long-time standing for delivering your gorgeous Thousand Oaks flower arrangement to the person you love?

If you let Lily’s Florist Thousand Oaks skilled florists practice their ingenuity, they will clearly indicate to you how to customize your Thousand Oaks floral arrangement to accommodate any occasion. You’d better believe it!

You may even ask for certain colors you have a penchant in, or possibly there was a fabulous gift-wrapped Thousand Oaks bouquet you have had your eye on for some time. Let their accomplished staff know about it and they will be pleased to give you a wide assortment to select – just for you!

Lily’s Florist Thousand Oaks will be happy to create a Thousand Oaks floral delivery of mixed flowers from stylish arrangements of Roses and Carnations to a cheery Bright Mixed Gerbera Bunch. Every bouquet delivery is intended to display a burst of color to complement any area of the home or office. 

They can advise you they are well-known for creating a superior Thousand Oaks floral arrangement and will still be keen to offer you a personalized delivery! You see, the portfolio of Lily’s Florist Thousand Oaks comprises some of the most spectacular floral gifts to suit everyone.

Their capable staff can create a picture-perfect Thousand Oaks bouquet with their ever-favorite Two-Wrapped Lily Stems that looks so elegant! Or how about their Country Garden Bunch – the best of the sunny seasons year round!

Their brand has extended its delivery service throughout the world, and is now said to be one of the fastest- growing florists throughout the industry. Lily’s Florist Thousand Oaks has faith in having a top quality Thousand Oaks floral service, whatever the occasion; and they love the opportunity to help you as their special customer. 

From the earth to the first blossom, every single flower is freshly hand-picked from attractive floral gardens, and prudently fostered in an unspoiled environment.

But hey! Here’s a little floral trivia: It’s been renowned that a Thousand Oaks floral arrangement is an assortment of flowers shaped into an imaginative bouquet; and it can be created for a home, office or public space. Floral bouquets in Thousand Oaks are often given for singular events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and obviously in most wedding functions.

Flower arranging came in as an art form in Japan by Buddhist monks, who actually learnt the art in China where flower arranging was a very cultured art form. Founded on the acceptance that life is sacred, this then included plant life. Also, cut flowers were displayed prudently in carefully planned events. Continuing to this day, a ceremonial offering among Buddhists uses flowers as a tradition.

Why does a bride carry a Thousand Oaks bouquet? Essentially, the basis of this practice is somewhat obscure, but one of the reasons that brides carry bouquets was the necessity to shelter odor! Actually, she is endeavoring to smell ‘pretty’ on that special day.

This all occurred over the 1600s, where many did not bathe frequently! It has been publicized that baths were taken yearly in May with the wedding day set for the month of June. How unusual! Clearly, the bride would carry a floral bouquet to disguise any body odor, to be safe.

Another popular tradition in the old times was warding off evil spirits. In this case, very strong spices and herbs (including garlic!) would be used. However, there is no requirement for that presently, when you check out the favorite bunches at Lily’s Florist’s Thousand Oaks, they comprise the straightforward simplicity of a Country Harvest Bunch, or their beautiful Pastel Gerberas Bunch.

Discover Thousand Oaks, California

Situated in the northwest section of the Greater Los Angeles region and in the southeast part of the Ventura County, is the city of Thousand Oaks. Named after the numerous oak trees that grow in the region, and having the oak as the seal of the city, Thousand Oaks is positioned about 35 miles from Downtown Los Angeles.

The city itself takes in central part of the Conejo Valley, which, apart from Thousand Oaks, has Oak Park, Agoura Hills, Westlake Village and Newbury Park. Population of Thousand Oaks as at 2015 was near 130,000. 

Thousand Oaks, together with Newbury Park, were a portion of a strategically-planned city in the mid 1950s, formed by the Janss Investment Company. It comprised approximately 2,000 single-family residences, 1,000 custom-built home sites, a 200-acre industrial park, a regional shopping complex, and some neighborhood shopping centers. The average value of a home is about $669,500. Thousand Oaks was classified as the fourth-safest amongst cities with a populace of more than 100,000 in the United States.

The region was once settled by the Chumash Indian people, with cave drawings that are reported to be 2000 years’ old may still be appreciated at the Chumash Indian Museum, situated in the Lang Ranch section of Thousand Oaks. The original Chumash settlement was recognized as Sap'wi, which signifies "House of the Deer." 

The zones’ recorded history dates back to 1542, when the Spanish explorer, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo made land at Point Mugu and recognized the land for Spain. The Spanish government ultimately granted it as a section of the Rancho El Conejo, consequently becoming the foundation of the term Conejo Valley. For the next fifty years, it functioned as foraging land for ‘vaqueros’. The word ‘conejo’ meant rabbit.

It became the stagecoach course between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles in the late 19th century, and in 1876, the Stagecoach Inn was constructed. This Inn is now a museum and an Historical Landmark.

Entertaining thousands of people in the 1940s and 1950s with wild animal shows was one of Southern California's first theme parks, Jungleland USA. Many movie and TV productions including Tarzan, Birth of a Nation and The Adventures of Robin Hood were filmed there and made use of the park's trained animals. In May 1968, Jungleland closed its doors, in part owing to rivalry from other amusement parks such as Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm. The Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Center today stands on the site of the old Jungleland Park. 

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